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Tamworths were the first pigs that we kept at the Stackyard Nursery in 2009.  These large ginger pigs are considered to be close to wild boar in heritage and one of the oldest recognised British breeds.


With their ears pointing to the sky they are always very aware of what is going on around them unlike one of our other favourite pig breed the Large Black.

In October 2013 we removed all our animals from site due to a planning dispute with our Local Planning Authority only being able to start afresh in the Spring of 2016.

They are a cross breed, part Gloucester Old Spot and part Welsh White as you can easily see.

The Large Black, pictured left and below taking a shower at one of our shower points on a hot Summer’s day, is a very docile animal.  They move slowly, possibly because it can not see much, and make great parents.


We were quite happy keeping our Large Black boar together with mum and had no fear of either.

The Mangalitsa was another story.  We kept a herd of these these hairy pigs that were often mistaken for sheep by passers by on the road.  However, we found them to be bad tempered and very poor mothers so we were pleased to see them gone and even more pleased when their meat came back. Which if a little fatty was amongst the best pork that we have tried.


In late Spring our new sow gave birth to four healthy girls that you see here enjoying their mud wallow.  They will become our breeding stock for next year.

We also have four boys who wont be quite so lucky.


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