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Slow grown pork to purchase

We slow grow our pigs during the Spring, Summer and through into the  Autumn when, like the traditional farmer, those not being kept for breeding stock for the following year are culled.


This traditional method is low impact; using outdoor rearing techniques including feeding our pigs with autumn windfall apples, vegetable offcuts from our harvest and rooting crops using a strip feed system.


If you would like to try some of our meat please come to our farm shop which is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am-4pm or try our half a pig offer which will set up your freezer for the winter.  Just give Karon a call on 01449 768078


Our quick guide to the parts of a pig:



Cheek -Beautiful cut suitable for stir frying

Ear - Not everyone wants it but if you have a dog they love them

Neck Tenderloin - Very tender piece that can be pan fried



Spare Rib Roast on bone - Great slow cooked meat falls off the bone.

Boned and Rolled Shoulder Joint - Traditional slow cooked, sometimes called pulled pork.

Shoulder Bacon - Large slices of bacon with fat marbling through the slice



Hock - Boiled for stock, meat is used for pea and ham soup, cold cuts

Stickling Picnic Ham - Pork on the bone from the leg part of the shoulder

Trotter - Not a lot of people enjoy them but are traditional to some regions of Britain



Rack of pork - Luxury joint, serves one person per rib, it looks magnificent served and carved at the table

Loin Joint - Boned and rolled, best joint for traditional Sunday lunch

Tenderloin - Quick cook, very tender

Loin Chop - Good old chops can’t go wrong

Escalope (eye of loin) - Chop without the bone

Chump Chop - Chop with the round bone in rather than rib, slow cook in a casserole for best results

Loin Bacon - Bacon with fat on one side. Choice of Treacle, smoked or green.



Boned and rolled joint - Traditional Sunday joint

Leg steak -  Cut from the lower part of the leg, fry well

Gammon - A gammon is the lower part of the leg, slow cook

Gammon Steak - Middle part of the leg to get a good size steak, great grilled

Trotter - Not a lot of people enjoy them but are traditional to some regions of Britain



Rack of spare ribs - Wonderful for the BBQ lots of fat to keep the meat succulent or roasted in the oven

Boned and rolled Belly - Slow roast belly pork is wonderful, the meat just falls off the folk

Belly steaks - I always have them at our BBQ marinade with Balsamic vinegar and spices and a touch of sugar

Streaky Bacon - Traditionally used at Christmas to cover the turkey and for pigs in blankets, personally I love it for sandwiches



Sausages - Traditional The mix for making the sausages is all homemade by our butcher, we also do Gluten Free

Sausages - Mustard White mustard seeds are added to the traditional mix to add a little bit of spice.

Sausage meat (Flavour as per sausage request) - For Stuffing or if like me I make them into meatballs with tomato sauce.

Burgers Pork and Apple - Packs of burgers are 4 per pack or you can order them in quantity for a BBQ

Diced - The pork for the diced comes from all the trimmings off the meat and some of the shoulder.

Minced - The pork for the mince comes from all the trimmings off the meat and some of the belly.



Heart, Kidney  and Liver - You don’t have to take the offal, not many people do!





Just give us a call on 01449 768078 to order

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